Every family has a storyteller. Your grandfather, your sister, your cousin, you. Our life stories are  precious, we should be sharing them - especially with our children, and their kids.

Future generations should know their roots.

At YOLO Video Production, LLC, we capture these memories and transform them into unique and creative video memoirs. Professionally customized for you, our goal is to capture your legacy in a respectful, skillful and personal fashion.

Think of a video memoir as your own personal biography, your family documentary, preserved forever. Pass on your wisdom, advice, stories and history through photos, video and your own voice.

No one else can. Call us for a complimentary consultation, we’ll show you how to make history.


Everybody has a story. We want to help tell yours.


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“We cannot tell you how much we enjoy our family memoir video. It is truly a professional production. The attention to detail was incredible.We enjoy showing it to our friends. We will watch “23 Elliott Place” over and over again.                                                                 
                                               Thank you,
                                   Doris and Andy Ferlito
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“Sharing our history is so important.”

                               - Lee Ann Herald